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Local Growers & Farmers

The heart of the San Juan Island Farmers Market is its vendors.  The market is home to over 30 small, island enterprises, each defined by the farms and folks who run them and by the place they call home.  Did you know, for example, that Waldron Island farmer vendors first load their market products onto small trucks at the farm, drive to the Waldron public dock, reload their wares onto a boat, motor an hour to Friday Harbor, unload the boat, reload their goods on their respective trucks, and then drive to the market to set up?  And this is the story behind just some of the zucchinis and salad mixes at the market!  Know your island food, know your island farmer!

Artisans & Crafters

While the San Juan Island Farmers Market is primarily a market for farmers to sell their products directly to the public, the market welcomes vendors selling quality crafts of their own creation.

Delicious Food

What farmers market would be complete without a bite to eat as you peruse the stalls?  Missed breakfast?  Reach for a fresh croissant or slice of sour cream coffee cake at one of three wonderfully diverse bakeries serving the market.  Need lunch?  Try the fresh sushi, grass-fed beef burgers, sausages, or pizza with a tall glass of lemonad.  Don’t want to cook tonight?  Pick up a some fresh pasta, smoked salmon, or goat cheese and a loaf of crusty French bread.  There is something to satisfy every taste at the market.