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The San Juan Island Farmers Market was founded in 1987 by farmers on several of the San Juan Islands wishing to sell their products directly to the public.  The market has since grown to over 50 vendors, including farmers, artists, crafters, food processors, service providers, and local community organizations.  The primary purpose of the farmers market remains unchanged:  The market exists to provide an outlet for agricultural products that are grown, harvested, or processed in San Juan County.

Over the years the market has moved from place to place in Friday Harbor.  Until September 2011, it set up on Saturdays in spring, summer, and fall in the San Juan County Courthouse parking lot.  In the winter it moved into the Friday Harbor High School Commons.  The view from the courthouse parking lot could not be beat…in good weather.  About 10 years ago the market began looking for a year-around location that would provide shelter for vendors and customers in inclement weather and a warm home in winter.  The market vendors wished to stay in downtown Friday Harbor, and they needed a non-profit partner to make the year-around market a reality.

With the creation of Friday Harbor Brickworks by the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild, the market has found its home.  The market moved to the newly completed Brickworks in September 2011 and immediately became a town focal point on Saturdays.